Wednesday, March 26, 2008


every year we go to a magical place in north eastern Victoria for Easter. there is always a group of us. we have evolved over the years from the boys going by themselves to being young newly together couples to married to know families. it is a wonderful break. we all go up on the Thursday night and come home Tuesday. it always goes way to fast and we spend time doing lots together.
we have a few rituals, a winery day, a pub lunch, Easter bunny, the boys play golf, diners, market, relaxing, river fun and bike rides. we always think we have so much time but its never enough and we vow every year that we will go for longer next time. maybe next year....
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

first steps

with Hugo, there was an exact date and moment in time when he took his first steps. arch seems to be more complicated. he has stood since January, took 1/2 step on 14th Feb and then has continued to stand. he was walked holding our hand and over Easter seemed to take a few unassisted steps. so today is the day. he walked alone !
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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


over the summer we have been lucky enough to spend time on a friends houseboat at Eildon. its so much fun. the kids love it, in and out of the water all day, skiing, wake boarding, the kids go on the tube.
we went up for the labour Day long weekend and it was great. we had a wake board challenge, i won !!first up and out of the water !!!. we had other friends up as well that were on the bank near goughs bay so there was a big crew of us and 3 full days of fun in the sun.
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Saturday, March 1, 2008


this afternoon we set off to a kinder families house for dinner with another family as well. i have got to know these two families a little last year. both had girls with Hugo in 3 year old kinder and now are all in the same group together this year. i was making dessert, my never fail lemon tart. well first off i couldn't find the base of the flan tin, second i had to make the pastry case twice because it all fell apart after i cooked it. i think i was really nervous and this showed through in my cooking.
i needn't have worried, Hugo and all of us had a great night. the kids all went down to sleep around 8 and i think we left about 3am after too many wine, but firm friendships cemented.