Sunday, August 29, 2010


another day on the beach... fresh air, sun, and laughter
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a run

10 km along the beach early this morning. no one but me...... bliss
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Saturday, August 28, 2010


with the warm winter sun on our backs we enjoyed the afternoon on the beach.
i love the beach in winter, no one is around, and the sea smells stronger and feels like it heals and recharger's all the more.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

concert night

finally the night arrived.
the concert.
Hugo had a great time and watching him perform on stage, it was amazing to see the growth in confidence, himself and his abilities. he was out there strutting his stuff with poise and confidence. he was a star.
well done bossy.
and as for me... it was nice to see all my costumes finished and up on stage....
now for some real sewing.
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Sunday, August 22, 2010

its a day for.......

:: slowing down and having homemade pancakes for breakfast
:: catching up and enjoying each others company
:: spending the morning in our Pyjamas

with a start like this hopefully the rest of our lazy Sunday continues...
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nothing beats a sunny sunday morning to be out in the garden.....especially when there are puddles to be found.
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a beatiful afternoon at Eltham Miniature Railway.
one of Archie's friends had a birthday party.
the boys (and I) had a great time on the train
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

a quick bag

for Hugo.....
a trip to the supermarket with Hugo in tow always ends up with lots of extra goodies snuck in the trolley... and today was no exception. this also continued as we quickly dashed into Target to buy Archie's friend a birthday present for a party tomorrow, some how Hugo walked out with these.
I'm not sure what they are or why we need them, but apparently they are fun and cool to play with and ..... the biggest factor............ my mother guilt. how could i say no !!!!
and then as i tucked him into bed, he looked at me and said "thanks mum. would be able to make a bag for them"
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weekend !!!

wow what a busy day.
i guess i tried to pack a week of being mum into a day.
when i woke this morning i smiled... it was Saturday, a day to spend with my family.
i have missed my boys this week and i have missed being mum. working full time is hard. its a juggling act and i feel that my family have missed out on me this week. i know they can do it without me, but i guess because i have been a stay at home mum or part time stay at home mum, i miss the role of mum.
so with a spring in my step this morning i awoke to the boys chatting to each other and Barney.
once up i quickly went for a run (no exercise all week has just about killed me and 1 hour for me was OK i thought !!) once back home (at 9am) the boys and i hung out then we rode to the local primary school to vote.
we then went to the shops and did the supermarket shopping.... that's another blog post !!!
once that was all done we all went to play mini golf. it was great fun. we all had a laugh and lots of fun.
john was off to the footy tonight so the boys and i tried out our new purchase... a pizza oven and we had homemade pizzas, picnic style for dinner.
after such a busy day we were all in bed nice and early ready to do it all again tomorrow.
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Friday, August 20, 2010


Barney the Budgie has come home for the weekend.
Normally one of my families form school takes him home but there were no takers this weekend, so he's with us.
the boys are very excited about having Barney for the weekend.
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

missing them

this is about all i have seen of my boys this week.
for the next 4 weeks i am working full time as the other teacher i job share with has taken long service leave.
4 weeks is not a long time i know, but i am really missing the boys.
i enjoy working 2 days, but even sometimes i struggle with that, preferring to be at home being mum....
my hours aren't as long as corporate workers but i am still feeling the pinch ofonly seeing my family for a short time each day and not being on top of what they are doing, been doing and are doing.
the first two nights each boy took it in turns to "pay out" on me, and by tonight i felt out of the loop and isolated from all.
time passes so quickly and i want to hang onto these early years for as long as i can.. i guess i just have to make the time i do have quality... which means being ultra organised and spending the few hours i do have a day with them special.
on the flip side i am really enjoying being at work and being able to fully organise the room and program as i feel is right to get the most from the children and their interests....
roll on Saturday.
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

saving time

a couple of people at work have been talking about how handy their slow cookers are, and i had a flash back to cleaning out John's mums house and an old crock pot that i put in the cupboard.
in almost perfect condition i pulled it out and switched in on...... nothing.............. I'm not sure if 30 years in the cupboard has had an impact, but there goes my time saving mid week cooking !!!
maybe i need to hit the shops for a new one !! (lucky John doesn't read this !)
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Thursday, August 12, 2010


a teddy bear biscuit on the bus after skiing the village loop all morning in ski school.
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