Saturday, August 21, 2010

weekend !!!

wow what a busy day.
i guess i tried to pack a week of being mum into a day.
when i woke this morning i smiled... it was Saturday, a day to spend with my family.
i have missed my boys this week and i have missed being mum. working full time is hard. its a juggling act and i feel that my family have missed out on me this week. i know they can do it without me, but i guess because i have been a stay at home mum or part time stay at home mum, i miss the role of mum.
so with a spring in my step this morning i awoke to the boys chatting to each other and Barney.
once up i quickly went for a run (no exercise all week has just about killed me and 1 hour for me was OK i thought !!) once back home (at 9am) the boys and i hung out then we rode to the local primary school to vote.
we then went to the shops and did the supermarket shopping.... that's another blog post !!!
once that was all done we all went to play mini golf. it was great fun. we all had a laugh and lots of fun.
john was off to the footy tonight so the boys and i tried out our new purchase... a pizza oven and we had homemade pizzas, picnic style for dinner.
after such a busy day we were all in bed nice and early ready to do it all again tomorrow.
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lilredsquirrel said...

How much fun is mini golf?! We went to the same one and the kids loved it - dad was a bit too competitive though!!