Thursday, August 19, 2010

missing them

this is about all i have seen of my boys this week.
for the next 4 weeks i am working full time as the other teacher i job share with has taken long service leave.
4 weeks is not a long time i know, but i am really missing the boys.
i enjoy working 2 days, but even sometimes i struggle with that, preferring to be at home being mum....
my hours aren't as long as corporate workers but i am still feeling the pinch ofonly seeing my family for a short time each day and not being on top of what they are doing, been doing and are doing.
the first two nights each boy took it in turns to "pay out" on me, and by tonight i felt out of the loop and isolated from all.
time passes so quickly and i want to hang onto these early years for as long as i can.. i guess i just have to make the time i do have quality... which means being ultra organised and spending the few hours i do have a day with them special.
on the flip side i am really enjoying being at work and being able to fully organise the room and program as i feel is right to get the most from the children and their interests....
roll on Saturday.
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Victoria said...

Poor you. I only work two days as well and feel lucky I don't need to do more as for me that's enough. When the girls are unwell, like this week, it's sooo hard to leave, really makes you think twice.