Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today it is Dad's birthday. He is 78 today. i can't believe he is that (old) but you would never know... he plays golf 3 times a week, spends days on the floor building Lego and playing trucks and cars with Arch, maintains 2 houses and is still fit, healthy and active. they have just had a month touring Canada and Alaska and we are trying to work out a weekend to go skiing together.
he's pretty constant my dad, always the same , always there.
i don't say it out aloud and i know i should and i hope he knows it.... I Love you Dad.
when arch woke this morning he asked when Popeye's cake was going to be.

so this morning we made his cake. Arch reminds me a lot of dad and they get along well. Arch was very excited to be making a special birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Popeye... we enjoyed celebrating your day with you today.

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Julia said...

What a beautiful post. You are so lucky to have a fit and active Dad that you enjoy spending time with. How nice of you and the boys to spoil him with a cake. Make sure you tell him you love him. You'll wish you had once he's no longer here. No use living with regret. x