Sunday, April 27, 2008



over the Anzac day long weekend, 3 families from kinder went camping. as a family we have never been camping before. it was a new and exciting experience. the two families we went with are experienced campers and each have a van. we were in a caravan park, so it wasn't bush camping but for my big button, that as he has got older prefers the comforts of hotels, it was still an interesting exercise. we had great fun

the weather was predicted to rain the whole time we were away, but it held off until the last night.
the whole experience was fantastic. my kids loved it riding their bikes all day, 100 metres from the beach, running in the waves, swimming, playing together ALL day and outside. it was such healthy fun. my boys absolutely loved it. they were so happy. there wasn't one grizzle from Archie the whole weekend, he was having too much fun.

in the first hour on friday morning Hugo had taken his training wheels off and had mastered his bike. after a couple of little falls, and some i=encouragement from Harry he was unstoppable.
i even had a surf for the first time ever on saturday. apparently the conditions were bad but we had heaps of fun. i caught a couple of waves and even managed to stand up !!!
all the kids were in bed early and the adult had a great time, getting to know each other better and shairng many stories and laughs. it was one of the best weekends i have had for a long time

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

more birthday celebrations

mum and dad came over tonight to help celebrate my birthday.
we had a lovely night. the boys love having them over to visit, especially when they get tucked in and read stories by Grandma and Popeye
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Monday, April 21, 2008


over the weekend of my birthday we went to Noosa for a long weekend.
when we got there on Friday it was sunny, but the rest of the weekend was raining.
we had lots of fun in the pool on Friday.
Saturday i went for a 7km run through the national park and then had breakfast out with my boys.
friends of ours that moved to Queensland spent the day with us on Saturday ( my day) and then we went out for dinner.
it was a great break to stop, chat and spend time together.
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Friday, April 4, 2008

happy birthday Granny Pat

Granny Pat has been staying with us this week. Today it was her birthday. the boys and i made a cake for her. We had a lovely day with her. tomorrow it will be a little sad as we are having to put her in a home. she suffers from Alzheimer's and over the last couple of months has deteriorated and is unable to stay living by herself.
john has been away this week, so it has been nice having her company and the boys have enjoyed her playing cars with them.
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