Sunday, February 28, 2010

sunday night dinner

during the week i bought this great kids cook book, with really yummy and easy to prepare meals.
Hugo excitedly 'read' the book and asked me if he could cook something.
he sat down this morning and looked through it. he decided on fried rice and apple fritters.
he made us dinner and it was great.
he grated the carrot and zucchini, chopped the bacon, whisked the eggs.
arch measured the rice and tipped it in the saucepan.
Hugo then mixed it all together and there was dinner.
Hugo ate two bowlfuls in record time and arch didn't lift his head as he polished off his bowl. it was the easiest dinner in a long time and the boys ate well.
as i tucked Hugo into bed he asked if he could do dinner every week. absolutely !!!!
1/3/ :: tonight we had a roast and both boys ate Hugo's fried rice instead !!!!


well i have done it.
my first quilt.
I'm sure its not great by a quilters standard, but with the time constraint (it has to be finished for assembly tomorrow) i think i did ok. i was rapt that the binding turned out OK and i simply quilted by stitch in the ditch.
i am happy with the outcome.
the actually quilting process on Saturday night was one i thoroughly enjoyed and found very therapeutic and rewarding.
i am looking forward to doing more.
i hope Hugo's teacher likes it.

mental note to self.... never say yes again to "help" someone !!!!!
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

here goes...

today i had to but the backing material and batting as well as some fabric for the binding. i finally got the last class square last night and was able to piece it all together. so this morning with both boys in tow i stupidly went to spotlight out of convenience and closeness but with the lack of help and service it nearly drove me and the boys round the bend, so i dumped it all got in the car and drove... i went to Patchwork house, which was closer to home and time was an issue to patchwork on central park and Amitie. the lady was great, i got a white backing and she helped me with a great stripped binding.
i have never done a binding before but the lady gave me a quick demo and hopefully i have stored it..
OK the quilt is pinned and I'm ready to start....
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Thursday, February 25, 2010


a thank you card with freshly baked caramel slice was delivered to the prep - year 2 staff at Hugo's school this morning, after a great information night last night. it confirmed why i chose this particular school :: the dedication, passion, care and strength of all the teachers produce a great well rounded curriculum at the fore front of education today.
its a school that cares about each and every child, from the inside out, instills great values and learning practices, self evaluation and self worth in all children.
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

piecing it together

trying to get the quilt looking random yet perfect !!!!
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Monday, February 22, 2010


each year i give my dad tickets to the twilight's concerts at the zoo. we all go and make a day/night of it.
this year they have changed it and we weren't allowed in to the zoo till 530, when all the animals are off bounds except for the reptiles, lions, giraffes, meerkats, giant turtles. we used to go about 3pm which gave us enough time to see all the animals we wanted and ten settle In for a picnic dinner and music. this year we managed to see some animals, but will think twice before we go again next year.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

a quilt

hugos teacher is getting married in a few weeks. another mum suggested to me that the school should create a quilt for could i say no !!!!
playing with fabric to get the colour/pattern mixes right.
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

cars !!!

yesterday morning on the way to work, my car overheated. john had to come to my rescue and drive me to work and the boys to mums.
today after an hour wait the tow truck took it away.....
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a litle retail therapy

don't tell anyone here, but i can't resist Kikki K and all the great stationary they have.
i was in there a few weeks ago to purchase a book called gratitude, but they were out of stock. so today i popped in and i was in luck.
i also purchased a DIY desk calender for johns home office as well as a 2010 family diary.
i also saw a box of family conversation starter cards.
i thought we would place it on the centre of the kitchen table and each night as we eat a meal take out a card.... and let the conversations flow.
i am looking forward to starting to write in the gratitude journal. taking the time to be grateful and discover a sense of well being. a way to refocus on the positives around me, and hopefully in time i will look back on this journal and reflect on all i have as i navigate life's journey.
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Saturday, February 13, 2010


i need to run :: its good for me :: it helps me.

these girls talk about The Zone. The zone, when you find the rhythm and you zone out as you exercise. the mind clears of all thoughts as the steady pace of your runners hit the ground. its almost trance like.

once i get over the first 2 km then the zoning out starts, the mind clears, the ideas come as well as the clearer thoughts.

its my time.

life is hard at the minute and this is my precious time for me, where i can sort out all i feel and think.

a lot of people around me don't get it, even those close to me as to why i exercise and run. they make statements like "you are thin enough", "why do you need to exercise?" "what do you waste your time doing that for?" but they don't get it. the need for space, the need for clarity, the need to evaluate whats good in my life, the need to sort through all the s*** you hear from people that are supposed to care. as well as that its something for me that i can do and do well. that i can individually challenge myself and push myself. the me time where i don't have to worry about anyone else in the world except for me. its also the creative ideas that come.

so my trusty old runners are my best friend and my armour at the minute, its the only constant. they don't judge.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

number 3

here is Hugo's Poppy doll.
he loved it this morning when he woke up and found it in his bed !
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

more sewing

pyjamas for one of Hugo's friends birthday today.
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

at kinder

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first day

today was the first day of 3 year old kinder.
When Arch woke up this morning, Hugo reminded him that it was his first day of kinder. he was excited to have a lunch box, drink bottle and back pack and quickly got all three for me so i could get him organised. Archie was very proud walking out the door with Hugo this morning with his bag on his back ( i don't think he realised that he wasn't going to 3pm this afternoon!!) it was a looooooong day and he asked me so many times when it was time to go.....
eventually it was time to go and i think the long morning of anticipation took its toll. we got to kinder and we found his peg, he hung up his bag and then asked me if i could show the teachers his doll. we then went and settled on the mat where there was Duplo out. he spent nearly all the time in this as it was only an hour orientation session. i stayed with him but moved out to the foyer at one stage and then back into the room but away from where he was and every so often he would look around for me and once he saw i was still there he would smile and then resume his play. He helped pack up, he joined in the story and sat on the mat, sounds little but for someone that has always been with family this is quite a big step. all in all it was a good session and i hope we continue on like this over the year.
when he saw Hugo after he said " Hugo i went to kinder. but i didn't have my snack and i didn't go outside"
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Number 2

another Poppy Doll, this time for Archie as he starts 3 year old kinder today. he wouldn't let go of Charli's yesterday and asked me when i tucked him into bed last night if he could have a was a bit of a rush job as i made it between coming home from the gym this morning and him going to kinder at 3pm !!! please don"t look too hard at the top as it needs to be hemmed. !!!
now for Hugo's......
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a gift

one of Hugos great friends is starting school tomorrow in prep. last year i made Hugo and his friends a "school Doll" to help them settle into the routine.(it was a made up pattern that i roughly did) this time i made a Poppy Doll. it was such a great pattern and is available through Fiona from Hop Skip Jump, it is a beautifully written pattern, really easy to follow, and fun to make.

i enjoyed making this and the way the boys were playing with it this morning i think there will be a few more made very soon !!! i hope Charli enjoys her school doll and first day of prep.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Grade 1

first day of Grade 1
where does the time go ?
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