Thursday, February 4, 2010

first day

today was the first day of 3 year old kinder.
When Arch woke up this morning, Hugo reminded him that it was his first day of kinder. he was excited to have a lunch box, drink bottle and back pack and quickly got all three for me so i could get him organised. Archie was very proud walking out the door with Hugo this morning with his bag on his back ( i don't think he realised that he wasn't going to 3pm this afternoon!!) it was a looooooong day and he asked me so many times when it was time to go.....
eventually it was time to go and i think the long morning of anticipation took its toll. we got to kinder and we found his peg, he hung up his bag and then asked me if i could show the teachers his doll. we then went and settled on the mat where there was Duplo out. he spent nearly all the time in this as it was only an hour orientation session. i stayed with him but moved out to the foyer at one stage and then back into the room but away from where he was and every so often he would look around for me and once he saw i was still there he would smile and then resume his play. He helped pack up, he joined in the story and sat on the mat, sounds little but for someone that has always been with family this is quite a big step. all in all it was a good session and i hope we continue on like this over the year.
when he saw Hugo after he said " Hugo i went to kinder. but i didn't have my snack and i didn't go outside"
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Julia said...

So, so cute! Hugo looks so proud of Arch. x

Gina said...

What a gorgeous sight, your two boys looking so happy. I love how excited Archie seems to be about his kinder doll.