Monday, December 29, 2008


we have just spent 4 magical days at Blairgowrie. the boys had a wonderful time playing. they are truly endulged with attention and time when we are down there. there is always someone to play a game, the really lovely thing is that i can sit and play a game with Hugo while mum or dad takes archie off to do something or vice versa. Mum and Dad gave Hugo Junior Monopoly for christmas, we had a great time playing that as well as countless hours playing cricket.
hours and hours on the beach. the first day archie was scared of the water but by the time we left he was jumping in and out of the waves with Hugo.
we went and saw the start of the melbourne to Hobart race .
when two little tired cherubs are tucked up in bed, with live in babysitters john and i were able to go out for dinner.
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas lunch

this year we had Christmas at mum and dads down the beach. beautiful weather and a traditional lunch and i as per usual ate too much Christmas pudding and yummy food. we had a great day.
we are down the beach for 4-5 days which will be lots of fun.
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Christmas Morning

the wonder, delight and magic of christmas morning is so special.

Happy christmas to all.
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

a new baby arrived yesterday. great friends of our Ian and Mish just had their second baby, a baby boy called Remy. little brother to Charli.
Hugo and Archie were very wxcited to visit him today.

preparing a snack for Santa. 2 beers and some biscuits !! hmmm not sure Santa will be able to deliver much after finishing those 2 beers.

magic reindeer food.
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Monday, December 22, 2008

Archie is 2

cake time

bed time !!!
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Happy Birthday lttle man

Today Archie is two
Happy Birthday
Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter into our lives.
you are a unique individual. you love your food, you are independent, stubbon, strong willed but you have a great sense of humor and are lots of fun
i love you
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

christmas drinks and Archies 2nd birthday party

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CFA Santa

every year the local CFA have santa on the back of their firetrucks. they PA christmas carols out and the children can here it for miles. its exciting wondering when santa will come down our street, young or old we are all out on the street waiting for santa and his bag of lollies!! merry christmas to the speacial CFA volunteers that keep us safe especially in summer.
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Archies 2nd Birthday

today we celebrated Archies 2nd birthday. we had a party for him and we also had Christmas drinks. it was a great afternoon/ night with lots of fun, food, friends, laughter and wine.
Archie had a special day. the party went on around him and he spent most of the time in the sandpit playing happily with his toys.
He had a tractor cake, as he LOVES tractors, and instead of lolly bags there was an Archie tree, everyone took home a reindeer cupcake inspired from here as well as some magic reindeer food and reindeer decoration for Christmas next week.
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

family christmas

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family christmas

i am very blessed that i get to spend Christmas with my family every year. john only has his mum and we usually spent Christmas night with her, so i am free to spend Christmas lunch with my family. this year is the alternate year when other members of the family go off to their respective partners for lunch. i am an only child but my mum and her sister are very close and i have 4 cousins that are like my brothers. growing up we spent all birthdays, Christmas, Easter, mothers day, fathers day together and we had a family beach house at sorrento so all holidays as well especially Christmas. so really its like having 4 brothers and now its great as they refer to themselves as my boys uncles. it warms my heart to know that i have got a great extended family.
the sat before Christmas we all get together. this year my cousin Stephen had it at his place. we had a really relaxed casually afternoon full of good food, laughs and family.
Archie even had a birthday cake.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


as a family we always go and see snata in myer in the city. it seems strange that i was in here yesterday to look at the windows and again today to visit snata but thats just how it worked out. the queue was small which was great and as per usual all 4 of us are in the photo !!
talking about traditions yesterday, johns family was similar and his mum and dad always took him to a wonderful chocolate shop in the Block archade called Haighs, so now thats another tradition of ours that we all love.
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