Saturday, December 20, 2008

family christmas

i am very blessed that i get to spend Christmas with my family every year. john only has his mum and we usually spent Christmas night with her, so i am free to spend Christmas lunch with my family. this year is the alternate year when other members of the family go off to their respective partners for lunch. i am an only child but my mum and her sister are very close and i have 4 cousins that are like my brothers. growing up we spent all birthdays, Christmas, Easter, mothers day, fathers day together and we had a family beach house at sorrento so all holidays as well especially Christmas. so really its like having 4 brothers and now its great as they refer to themselves as my boys uncles. it warms my heart to know that i have got a great extended family.
the sat before Christmas we all get together. this year my cousin Stephen had it at his place. we had a really relaxed casually afternoon full of good food, laughs and family.
Archie even had a birthday cake.
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