Wednesday, February 3, 2010

a gift

one of Hugos great friends is starting school tomorrow in prep. last year i made Hugo and his friends a "school Doll" to help them settle into the routine.(it was a made up pattern that i roughly did) this time i made a Poppy Doll. it was such a great pattern and is available through Fiona from Hop Skip Jump, it is a beautifully written pattern, really easy to follow, and fun to make.

i enjoyed making this and the way the boys were playing with it this morning i think there will be a few more made very soon !!! i hope Charli enjoys her school doll and first day of prep.


lilredsquirrel said...

Great job with that Nay. I love this doll, cant wait to make one too. Nic

13mimosa said...

That's such a nice idea - she reminds me of Madeleine!