Monday, January 21, 2008

cricket anyone??

a few days ago we found a cricket bat that had been left on the beach. after the owners not returning after a couple of days we claimed it. for the last two days Hugo has played cricket non stop. with small encouraging rolls as bowls to start with Hugo after a few turns, was connecting bat to ball 95% of the time. we went in for lunch yesterday and dad had the cricket on. after going back out after lunch he said:" mummy i need one of those hat thing that they wear"
me: "which hat things?"
Hugo " on the telly mummy. the men had hat and face things on"
Me: "oh yes you mean a helmet
i then explained what they were for, but as we were just in the backyard, i thought that it would be safe enough to play on as we had been.
Hugo seemed happy enough and continued to bat ALL afternoon.
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