Saturday, June 28, 2008

mothers group trip to baw baw

mt baw baw mothers group 27-29th june 2008 095

this weekend we went away to Mt Baw Baw again. no snow but still lots of fun to be had. every year my mothers group go away together a couple of times a year. all the families go, the kids, mums and dads and it is truly amazing we ALL get along so well its great. it is like one big extended family. its so easy going away with like minded families. there is little fighting and what small squabbles there are the children normally can sort themselves out.

sat morning we went on a bush walk exploring the plants and rocks of Baw Baw with out snow.



its funny we were all sitting round on sat afternoon and then as if by clock work all the mums were in the kitchen together collaborating dinner for the kids. j was watching and said it was like we all had a 6th sense and knew to all come together a the same time !!!

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