Monday, November 17, 2008

i'm a mum again

....with chooks that is !!!
Hugo hatched chickens at kinder a few months ago and came home very excited. a great friend has chooks and everytime we are there Hugo is in the chook shed. when he came home and asked if he could have chooks, i said "well maybe, check with dad" thinking that it would be a sure fire NO, but alas the answer was " ok" so from then on every day heas been " when can we have chooks"
so my friend went and got some eggs and her chook sat on them. on saturday night i went and picked up penny and her eggs ( 5 in all) and bought them home. Hugo was so excited.
this morning i could here little peeps and we had one chick and then this afternoon out came another.
it was beautiful and Hugo is beside him self. he has to say good night to penny and is being very responsible getting water and food etc.
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