Friday, July 3, 2009

The Princess and the Pea

i bought this book today. i couldn't resist....

i am supposed to be on a really tight budget, but i just couldn't help myself....

after sewing on Wednesday and watching Hugo enjoy it so much when he had a go, i thought i would like to get him involved a little more. i sat down last night and looked through my collection of bookmarked favourites of ideas and inspiration from fellow bloggers and web sites. i remembered Amanda from soulemama making this with Adelaide. i couldn't resist the idea. now i know i only have two boys;


::i can help them to be sensitive

::i can share stories that i loved

::i can help them learn to love all books and literature......right?????

(or am i kidding myself that i hopelessly would love a little girl and that i am making my wonderful darling beautiful wouldn't change them for the world boys suffer with this fact... !!)

anyway .....i thought if we shared the book together and then he could help me make the mattresses, and the pea and he could draw the princess and we could act out the story together and this could be the start of making many props to help retell our favourite stories.

Kate Kellaway from The Observer, Sunday 30 October 2005 sums up the book better than i can
"Lauren Child has made a doll's mansion furnished with diminutive antiques, wallpaper the colour of pea soup, lanterns galore, ornate mirrors, tiger skin rugs, pewter goblets and a dozen feather mattresses with the 'plumpest Siberian goose-down pillows'. Every interior is a tiny triumph, a stage across which her papery characters move.
And every scene has been beautifully photographed by Polly Borland, a gifted Australian photographer.

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