Tuesday, July 19, 2011


my mother in law died last week and today was the funeral (11th July). she suffered from alzheimers and had a massive heart attack on monday morning.
although incredibly sad, i feel that she is in a better place; no longer suffering with her cruel condition. she would have hated to be like she was, so helpless and not in control of her life.
last night i sat talking to the boys before bed and over the week hugo had obviously had time to process the information we had given him.
so what happens to granny pats body?
well at the funeral tomorrow there will be a coffin, like a box where her body is. her soul (thats the part that makes her who she is has gone to heaven)
hugo - so its just her bones and skin
me - well yes.
archie - can we look in the box?
me - No !!! with a laugh !!!
hugo - so when she is in heaven that means she needs to start off as a baby gain because that makes her life a cycle, a life cyle.
me - yes i guess you're right hugo.

hes got it as far as i can see.
they did me proud today, they took it all in their stride and were great.
RIP Granny Pat. i love you

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Victoria said...

I'm so sorry and for the delay in passing on my condolences. I haven't checked in on you for a while since you had your technical glitch. One of my grandmothers had Alzheimers when she died and it is indeed such a cruel condition - then you realise as time goes on there are so many that are. Children are so reassuring at these times, I feel. They are so brutal I guess in a way, yet so naive and innocent in their questions. My darling brother was cremated and that prompted many questions too.