Thursday, October 13, 2011

20 years

i cant believe that its been 20 years since i finished year 12...
they school are the best years of your life and i certainly loved school and had fun while i was there. i was a middle of the road kid, with a wide circle of friends and achieved all i wanted to so why i am i feeling nervous about attending my 20 year reunion on Saturday night.???

where did that time go?
i know lots of things have happened..
: travel
: uni
buying houses etc
it certainly doesn't feel like 20 years, if i shut my eyes i only think of myself in my late 20's, but when i open them and look in the mirror i do see the age starting to creep up on me.
I'm glad some things have changed when i look back at some of the photos from 20 years ago... the invention of hair straighteners for one !!!
it will be interesting to see the girls that are going and catch up with people i haven't seen for a long time.
face book has certainly reacquainted me with many people ...but even still i am looking forward to seeing people and catching up, especially with a few close friends along side me i am looking forward to a night of reminiscing, laughs and happy memories.
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