Sunday, January 15, 2012

Industrial Brat Pack

this weekend John and his colleagues (best mate) had a warehouse sale.
I'm not sure if i have explained but towards the end of the year John decided to let his new company go due to no real gains and growth after nearly 2 years of hard work. a close friend who has imported indoor furniture for years has decided to branch out into outdoor furniture. John and a really close friend Ian are going to run it. john is inspired, driven and focused and the last few months have been great, with 2 trips to China to order stock and him moving into a warehouse/office space out of home has been great. the business is going well and he is enjoying it.
this weekend they had their first warehouse sale. Mish (Ian's wife) and I and all the kids spent the weekend at the warehouse and it was fun. spending time with old friends, kids hanging out and selling furniture !!
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