Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fat Mum Slim Photo-a-day- July photo challenge

its the first day of July, a new month and a new start for many things. i tried to do this in june but i was thrown a curve ball in life, and lots of work at work so my camera seemed to be forgotten in the day to day living.
i have decided to play along again with Fat Mum Slim's photo a day Challenge for the month of July. in this yucky Melbourne weather it might inspire me to get my camera out each day, something i haven't been doing of late (as you can probably tell due to the few and far between posts)

the start of july is alos the start of two weeks school holidays.
we are at the snow for the two weeks, so although it will be tiring and not overly relaxing i am looking forward to hanging out with family and a few friends.

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Victoria said...

I hope you're all feeling well again.