Thursday, January 15, 2009

South Australia

Today we left for a week of relaxation.
we got really cheap air flights to Adelaide and decided to come over for a week.
today we picked up our home for the trip, a home on wheels a big motor home. we were all very excited.
first stop Grange.
this is a fantastic town/suburb of Adelaide :: john had some worked to do so the boys and i explored the beach. we found shells, crab body and nippers and beautiful rocks. the beach was amazingly windy but once we were used to that and down by the waters edge, all i could here was giggles, shrieks and laughter. the waves were rough and Archie was sent to the ground a couple of times but to his credit he just kept on getting up. we had a wonderful afternoon. we walked along the pier and saw the fishermen with net/wire baskets. Hugo was fascinated and wanted to know what they caught. all of a sudden a little voice next to me said "excuse me what do you catch in those ?" i looked down and it was Hugo asking the fisherman, :: wow he is growing up i thought as i leaned closer so i also could hear the answer. "what ever we can mate" was the response. not enough for my inquisitive young man so we stayed and stayed till it was time to meet daddy. a quick walk back along the pier to show dad we saw some crabs on the ground. i" i think it must be crabs mummy. but we can ask Popeye he will know. "
with sand in our toes and our hair all wind blown we had a quick dinner on the deck of the grange hotel. as we pulled out in our motor home i could hear 2 big happy sighs behind me.
we drove to Clare and as i tucked the boys into bed without them even waking i could smell the sea in their hair and it already felt like we had been on holidays for weeks.
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