Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

the magic of children is something i would love to hold onto for ever. i love the excitement and anticipation of Easter Saturday nightwhen Easter bunny is on his way. Easter bunny food and carrots placed outside, two tired and happy boys tucked up in bed and a magic crazed excited mamma running around hiding eggs, making foot prints and placing presents out near beds and cots. ( both my boys have birthdays within a few days and 2 weeks of Christmas, so Easter bunny always brings a present and a small amount of chocolate)
Easter Sunday morning was sooo exciting, with lots of ohhhs and ahhhs and excited sequels as eggs are found, footprints discovered and the joy of eating chocolate at breakfast time. the mammas outside in secret hiding eggs while the dads are in charge of curtains remaining shut and breakfast eaten and then all outside for the big hunt !! and during this ..... Easter Bunny arrives.
the looks on the faces of our babes is priceless and something i cant even describe, it is Magic. my face hurt from laughter watching the morning unfold and we all connected together and shared a morning of sheer magic and joy with our families and wonderful friends.
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