Monday, April 6, 2009

School Holidays

we have had the loveliest day today, a quiet morning at home just hanging out. the boys were busy with Lego, drawing and playing cars. we then went to the Gym. after Gym we went to buy Hugo some new winter clothes. Hugo has always been fussy, i have never been able to buy him anything without him being there, so today was his day for new clothes. its actually really nice him being in a uniform as we can buy a couple of outfits and then hes set for winter. first stop country road and he picked out a top, hoodie and then jeans. i need to digress here, as during last week i had been to this great store and bought Archie his winter clothes and because he doesn't care what he wears i bought him a pair of skinny jeans and he looks great !!! anyway unknowns to me Hugo had decided that he likes them so here we are back in country road and i am showing him the jeans " no i like these ones" going over and taking a pair of skinnys off the rack. "OK, lets try them on" he loved them, i didn't have the heart to tell him they were from the girl section !!! and i figure none of you will either, and if i do say so myself he looks cool !!!!
after this we wandered around shopping town and came across Easter egg decorating :: chocolate eggs, icing and sprinkles !!!!! kids heaven, mothers nightmare :: sugar, chocolate, mess !!!
the rest of the day we hung out at home.
hope you are enjoying your holidays as well.
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