Sunday, June 14, 2009


we had run out of milk this morning, so instead of zooming down to get some in the car, we all went for a walk/ride down to the local supermarket. it was great :: Hugo rode his bike, Archie concentrated on steering his !! it took as ages but the fact that we all slowed down a bit and enjoyed the moment we were in was worth it. we explored a new pipe that workmen had dug in the road during the week. the hole was deep and we could see one end of the pipe but where was the other end ? all of a sudden a loud "there it is" as we found it on the other side of the road !!!! we stood and talked to some neighbours that i usually just wave at as i pass by and the kids got to have a play together and we supported our local community by stopping at the coffee shop and having a "chino"
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Tania said...

Fab sleepy helmet pic!