Monday, June 8, 2009

wasting time or therapeutic or just plain frustrating ??

this morning i sat down to roll a skein of yarn into a ball, so i could start on my next knitting project :: a pair of socks.
due to the fact that in this house i only ever manage to sit down for around 2 minutes before something happens between the boys that i have to go and mediate, or i am asked to find something, do something.... i guess that's my mum hat on.
anyway i sat down this morning and started rolling the ball, only to have to go and rescue a precious Lego building. i thought i had carefully put the skein down, but alas when i started again it was in the HUGEST MESS you have ever seen.....
i thought that this would have taken me a little while this morning and then i had planned to start knitting this afternoon in front of the fire on this cold wet Melbourne day.but no...... a girlfriend and her kids came over and she spent all afternoon in a therapeutic state of bliss by the fire unravelling the yarn for me. john looks at it and shakes his head as it frustrates him, he doesn't get the whole process, journey, satisfaction thing, although at 10pm last night i was starting to agree with him.....
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