Thursday, September 17, 2009

living in the moment #17

taking the time to bake.
as i walked the aisles of the supermarket this morning, looking for snacks and food for morning tea, afternoon tea, play dates (aside from fruit) i decided to leave it all there, go home and bake.
i love baking and Hugo does and is normally at my side helping me measure ingredients and over the past couple of weeks has been helping me read the recipe. today with just Arch home, he was my little helper. he is starting to enjoy the process of cooking and wants to help,asking lots of questions as we go along.
i think this interest has deepened as i have been baking a couple of times a week recently.

::lemon slice

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Julia said...

Yum - I love lemon slice. I don't have a good recipe for one though. I heard they're simple to make, but the ones I've found have heaps of steps involved. Cooking with kids is fun if you SLOW yourself down and keep the purpose in mind. Arch looks like he's having fun!

two little buttons said...

i'll post the recipie, yes its easy and yummy