Sunday, October 4, 2009

a day in the garden

when John does something around the house he goes hard, but quickly gets sick of it and moves on. this weekend it was the garden. a place that i love to potter in and since ski season has ended i have spent some time in it, weeding and pruning. yesterday we moved a trailer and Ute load of weeds and garden debris ( that i had done a few weeks ago) as well as spread new mulch. today he finally built another layer of sleepers onto my veggie garden ( its only taken 6 months !!!) and then as i was inspired we levelled out around the veggie garden ready for turf or stones. i was in the middle of planting our new tomato plants when i heard "oh S**** "and i look over to see john with a look of panic on his face. he had tossed a rock over the back fence and his wedding ring went with it.... needless to say the tomato planting stopped and the hunt started..... and still continues.
Murphy's law has it, john has had a metal detector for as long as i have known him, i posted it off to the new owner courtesy of eBay on Friday !!!!!!
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