Saturday, May 8, 2010


the big moment happened tonight after Harvey's party. as the boys and i sat down to a simple dinner of soup and toast ( john was out at the footy and we had HEAPS to eat at the party) Hugo announced that his wobbly tooth felt funny. On close inspection it was hanging by a corner, so with my own memories of losing a tooth in the middle of the night i gave it a good (firm) wiggle and hey presto out it came !!!!
there was great discussion on what happens now.
Hugo had heard that the tooth fairy comes to collect it and then it goes to tooth world. in tooth world all the teeth are used for many different things such as money, statues, castles, buildings, cars and bridges. he decided that he didn't want to write the tooth fairy a letter tonight as she knows what to do when its time to collect the teeth for tooth world but he would wait until the next day so he could write a thank you note to her. in this letter he is going to ask her all about tooth world. what his tooth has been used for? what the fairies do? and what tooth world is like? he also wants to leave a tiny cup of strawberry milk for her. (goodness i have got some researching to do about the world of fairies and tooth fairies !!!).
anyway after declaring that he couldn't possibly eat he quickly got ready for bed.
the boys have sleep overs every weekend in each others room. tonight it was Archie's bed.
he quickly found his tooth box and put it by the bed ad feel fast asleep dreaming of fairies.
she delivered a note, poem $2 and a special wishing stonePosted by Picasa

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