Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

what a lovely day I had with my boys.
i loved the joy on my boys faces as they gave to me. the look of special knowledge when you are excited about a present that you are giving and you know the recipient has no idea what they are getting.
we started the day early with the excitement of the Tooth Fairy having been.
and then Hugo said "Mum can I give you our presents now. Can we give you the one that starts with A"
(yesterday John took the boys shopping. they purchased me some new runners that i knew about but then John gave the boys free rein in a home ware shop. Hugo was VERY excited that he had bought me a gift.)
Hugo had made a beautiful painting of me on a canvas, at school as well as a wonderful card. Archie had made a special hand ornament for my mobile phone or jewellery as well as a lovely card at kinder
(last week on Wednesday Hugo went to Grandma's with Archie when i went to work as he wasn't feeling 100% it was a good thing he did as mum made beautiful cards with them for me, as well as buying me a wonderful picture story book which Hugo wrote in.) This gift was beautiful and very special. Thoughtful and given with so much love.
the presents that John and the boys had bought were a new pair of Nike runners that have an apple i phone sensor in them so I can track all my running stats as well as the present that Hugo was so excited apple slinky maker.
I was very spoilt and the boys and I shared a special moment together as we opened these presents. there was a lovely connection between us as their love and excitement of sharing presents and cards with me.
I am truly blessed to have such wonderful children (even if they ruin the pear galette that I had made on the way down to the beach by poking their fingers in it !!!)
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Grace said...

That is *so* sweet. :)