Wednesday, September 29, 2010


my mum is 70 next month.
i have been racking my brain for months to try and think of something special to give her. she has all the things she needs and i wanted it to be personal. i was stuck so i threw it out to the knitting girls and my ever talented creative friend came up the idea of a photo book. i had remembered reading about a blogger that did one for a family member and at about 11pm last night i found the post on it and then tracked down the company blurb that a friend from work used for her wedding book (her husband is a graphic designer and he was really happy with them). so thank you to Nic for starting me on this project i am looking forward to it , but of course in my true style i have left it to the last minute .... a photo book with photos from her life, and then comments, thoughts, memories from the special family and friends in her life.
if you have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions i would love to hear from you.
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Victoria said...

I can't remember where I saw it, but it was a year book for a gift, also grandparents. There was a page for each month of the year and they put decorations on each page with different things to put things in - envelopes stuck on, things that folded out. On each page was a voucher, or nominal amount of cash or the like for the grandparents to do something with the grandkids. One month it was a voucher for (it was American) starbucks to take the kids for hot chocolate, another was for a manicure with the other grandchild, a movie voucher was another and so on. It was to promote doing something not expensive together every month of the forthcoming year.