Sunday, September 5, 2010

fun ?????

OK tell me what part of this sounds fun......
:: wet heavy snow from nearly 100ml of rain in the previous 24 hours
:: its snowing wet snow
:: the wind is strong and cold
:: everyone has cabin fever
:: Archie has out grown his ski's so he is skiing on Hugo's ski's from last year for the first time ...
:: cold hands
:: ice blowing on your face
:: new skis for me
:: fresh new heavy snow

you know what all of it was...
it was one of the worst days i have skied in , cold wet and soggy snow but the boys were busting to ski this morning and i wanted to try my new skis so there we were out in it together braving the elements and skiing.
it was an epic day the harrietville road was shut so we had to go home via omeo...
but we will turn around and do it all again on Friday !! crazy ? yes, but loving it.
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