Thursday, October 7, 2010


winter/spring at the beach. i love this time of the year at the beach, no one around just us...
summers growing up in our family beach house with my 4 cousins (who because of this are like my brothers) endless summer days on the beach, hours and hours of fun.
this is me at about 3.5 with my Nana's cat. she lived in the country and we would visit for the weekend. poor old Smoko the cat was being brushed by me with the toilet brush !!

mum and dad at my school spring festival when i was in grade 1. i still remember dad wearing his hat.

I've been down memory lane these past 2 weeks finding and scanning photos for my mums birthday present. its been great sitting looking through old photo albums and remembering my life. i have enjoyed sharing moments with the boys.
here are just a few.
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