Thursday, October 21, 2010


today i went into the city with mum for lunch. one of her long term girlfriends whom she travelled overseas with in the 60's and her daughter took mum and i out for lunch to celebrate her up coming birthday.
we went to Maze by Gordon Ramsay. it is on the first level of Crown Metropol.
it was beautiful. it feels like forever since i have been out for lunch, especially with my mum.
we caught the train in together and met the others there. when i go onto the city, its normally to the same old familiar places, but today i felt like a tourist in my own town, i didn't even know that the Crown Metropol (a hotel) even existed. as we walked through the original crown and over the level 1 walk way over Whiteman Street in the Metropol complex there were some great shops i kept saying how long has this been here? we both felt like county bumpkins !!!
Maze was beautiful. we had the lunch menu, 3 courses. we had 2 from the savoury list and one sweet. the servings were small and beautifully presented, just the right amount for lunch. we were all able to eat the 3 courses and it was delicious, beautiful flavours, interesting ingredients and wonderful ambiance.
it was a lovely day with my mum. i think we should do it more often.
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lilredsquirrel said...

What a thoughtful and lovely thing to do. I am sure you both enjoyed it.