Sunday, December 26, 2010

morning ride

this morning i woke and went for a 10km run along the beach, a perfect way to start the day and to kick start the holidays. (although i have had 2 weeks off its not until Christmas is over that i really stop, relax, unwind and it feels like holidays. part of that i think has to do with the beach and how that unwinds me) so i had had a good run and then i was greeted at the gate with 2 excited boys on their new bikes busting to go for a ride. mum and dad live on a hilly road, so the flat road at the bottom of their street is pretty busy, so after playing policeman for awhile i suggested we go along the beach track. great for them but i think i ran another 2-3 km jogging alongside them and sharing their joy. we stopped walked on the beach, paddled in the water, skimmed shells, rode some more, till eventually i suggested we should have morning tea and a break and then we can do it all again then hit the to love long summer days

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