Saturday, December 4, 2010

a quilt

at the end of last term i decided to create a quilt for one of my colleagues who is pregnant with her first baby. we work in an early learning centre in a private Melbourne school.
i got all the children to draw a picture of themselves. over the September holidays and over the last few weeks i have traced the drawings onto linen and then hand embroidered their pictures. i then placed the squares into groups of 4 and then sashed each 4 squares.
last night i pinned the quilt and today is d day to start quilting. i am nervous to start. i made one quilt earlier in the year, attended a great quilting course this year and now this is the first time i have quilted using my new knowledge. i hope i don't stuff it up.
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Jo said...

oh Nay, it's perfect! and I am sure that you won't stuff it up {if you do though, I am sure that my Mum would be more than happy to give you some help working on anything, just ask if you need it :) }