Tuesday, March 27, 2012

just me

john has been in China for the past 2 weeks.
since i have known John he has always travelled, and me being an only child am quite comfortable keeping my own company, but 2 weeks is a long time and tomorrow, thank goodness he will be home.
yes its easier, calmer and routines just happen when he is away, but the logistical nightmare of organising kids and friends when i am working just about does my head in.
so as much as i love my own space, the time apart makes me appreciate what i have.
it makes me miss him, it reminds me of how different in a good way we are from each other and it allows me the space to sort out all those monkeys in my head that start to get me down when life and the hustle and bustle takes over.
it restores my faith in us and why i love him.
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