Tuesday, March 13, 2012

weekend #2


Mansfield, this time on the shores of Lake Eildon.
a great caravan park, rustic, fun and a heap of kids made for almost a child free weekend !.
a camp fire at night time, makes it feel like real camping.
a shop with mixed lollies, 2 children eager to spent their $1 and they came back with a bag of lollies like i used to remember, lots of skinned knees from all the bike riding
 and a new friend made. "mum its easy to make friends, you just ask them how old they are and if its right then their your friend." simple according to Arch !!!
great weather, a tennis court where the 4 of us played together and plenty of time to read my book.
we lived the dream this weekend, exactly how i thought dreamed hoped it would be like.
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