Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Morning


the annual egg hunt seemed to be bigger this year, a ridiculous amount of eggs.
our resident Easter bunny ( one of our dear friends, Michael who is Harvey and Lewis' dad dresses up every year) appeared again and was very funny.
its interesting when other children are in the mix.
normally it has been 2-3 families. this year another family joined us and with children Hugo's age and slightly younger there is the reality of belief vs non belief. my 2 are firm believers in all that is magical and never question. watching Hugo this year, he was as excited as he was when he was 3. i think he gets caught up in the moment and doesn't question the reality of Easter Bunny.
after the event i overhead them all taking. 2 of the children from the other family had seen Sam and I hide the eggs and then one of them said that Michael wasn't outside during the hunt so he must be the Easter Bunny. its funny how outside eyes (for a better way of describing it ) can see what the others can't as i think they just thinks that it happens and doesn't think about the adults around him in that moment.
during a quiet moment Hugo came up to me and told me what the others had said. i muttered something about believing and receiving. he very quickly reassured me. "oh no mum the real Easter Bunny comes at night time, who else would leave our eggs and presents in our room."
phew theres hopefully still another year of magic ahead.
happy Easter to you all.
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