Sunday, August 30, 2009

drawing a line in the sand...

well maybe not a line but marks from a 2 1/2 year old.
as i was going back over some photos i found these from mothers day this year when we were at the beach near mum and dad.... and it got me thinking about the metaphor of drawing a line in the sand

:: to move on

:: to say that a particular idea or activity will not be supported or accepted

the last few weeks/month have been pretty average around here.... friendships dissolving and hateful and hurtful rumors being spread about myself and my family. you think you know people and then they turn.
we choose to live where we do for the sense of community but now its feeling a little too small.....

i try to teach my children to be good, kind souls :: helping others :: caring for friends :: speaking up if you don't agree or like what is being said, but always in a respectful way. i model them this behaviour and thought others around me did the same, but feel that the actions of a few mothers with little else to do but spread gossip and are causing me to question all that i am and how i feel. what are our kids supposed to think and how do our kids learn when their parents can act like this how do they learn to be caring when they look to their parents as models and they see gossiping bitchy behaviour.

i know its not everyone but at the moment i feel like i cant trust anyone.
so that's it i am drawing a line in the sand. moving forward and appreciating the small and simple things that is in our life and looking after the 2 little buttons that are important to me.

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Julia said...

Ouch. What a crappy thing to experience. Perhaps you'll gain a stronger sense of who you are and what/who's important to you from all this...

lilredsquirrel said...

It must be terrible in a tight knit community to have that kind of stuff happen. Good on you for drawing the line. You just cant hold on to all that negative stuff - its no good for you at all - best to let it go and try to move forward. Good luck Nic