Sunday, August 9, 2009


i know i know it seems to be all that we are doing at the minute.
Friday night we arrived at hotham for 9 days. yay !!!
the weather was pretty average for most of it but that meant great snow.
we had a great crew in the lodge for the week. 2 members families and friends with a heap of kids and lots of fun. when we joined this lodge i envisaged weeks like this with great people that ski and have fun and for our 2 kids that have no real extended family weeks like this are priceless in them learning to interact and participate in large group dynamics. i remember how much fun i had as a kid in a ski lodge watching my parents have fun and all the fun i had and it has now turned a full circle.
i had to come home on Tuesday and go to work... but came back up on the Thursday (ringing in sick for the few hours work i do on Friday afternoons) the consistency of skiing every day for a week/9 days does everyone the world of good, we all get into a routine : breakfast, ski, lunch, ski, apres, shower, dinner, bed !!! and we all get to practise and get better and this was soooo evident in Hugo.
when we arrived he had had a lesson the week before and he had skied a few easy blue runs ( intermediate) with us for anyone that knows hotham the village chair loop and mother Johnston's return as well as the summit and big d. over the course of the week, through social interactons in the lodge and seeing the kids out with their families john and Hugo had skied orchard, heavenly and been doing the terrian park at the big d (jumps!!) as well as night skiing. by Saturday we booked Archie into creche and john, hugo and i skiied the whole of hotham :: village, black snake, peach bowl, the cornice, playground, milky way and on and on... and then as i finally sat down and
started to unwind on Saturday night we were all back out in the snow on the big d chair night skiing, arch as well !!!! i guess we love it.
Saturday skiing with Hugo made me so proud, and i hope he was too , he should be hes a great little skier.
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