Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 3

same again, not quite so hot and a nice sea breeze.
there was much anticipation on the way to the beach as the boys had new nets bought this morning after a trip to the local shops. however the wind played havoc with the sea today and it was really hard to see below the surface with the wind blowing the sea and the sun sparkling on it. we could see the minnow schools swimming around our feet but no luck in actually catching them. the boys were cold after their time in the water and warmed up under their new beach towels that grandma and Popeye gave them for Christmas.
as Hugo was lying there he must have been thinking of our nightly story last night, a picture book called "water boy" . suddenly he was up saying "I'm going to make the castle like in water boy", and off he went. we all helped and he was really proud. we explored the sandbar and i was showing Hugo how we used to make "drip castles" he loved this and did a great job.
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