Sunday, January 31, 2010


well its the end of the summer holidays.
we have had a great time this summer.
we have done a lot as well as relaxed and hung out.
it seems a long time ago since Archie's birthday, our Christmas party, a visit to the Myer windows and Santa. then of course Christmas. being away got us out of routine and we all relaxed ,Eildon and then the beach. we then had a week at home swimming, playing games and enjoying each others company.
it was so lovely to have Hugo at home and spent time connecting.
Hugo goes back to school tomorrow and he starts Grade 1, i cant believe my Hugo is already in grade 1 where does the time go. i have cherished the time i have had with him at home, my little mate.
it took me a while to relax and let my self have a holiday as well. its all to easy to continue cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, food shopping, household chores, running errands but after spending time at the beach and on the house boat there was none of that to do except meals and i was able to switch off and play with my children, read books and relax. when we came home i nearly slipped into the routine again but i made a decision to continue holidays at home. sure basic cleaning, meals etc etc but i took the time to sit by the pool, play with the boys, and enjoy the sun and continue reading. because of this the holidays have been great and i am recharged and ready for the year ahead.
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