Saturday, January 23, 2010


for Christmas i gave John a canoe. what do you buy someone that has all the gadgets they need, buys his own clothes and is fussy ????? a canoe of course !!! we live near a river and over the years friends and us have sometimes gone for a paddle. recently john had been talking about hiring one and taking the boys, but every time there were none available... so Christmas sorted.

i 'm digressing, but anyway we took the canoe away with us to Eildon and the boys loved it. Hugo picked up paddling really quickly and used it each day, with great control/ they have played all week with it in the pool; going to different countries (one side of the pool to the other) having picnics in it etc.

today John took the boys down the river. they had a great time in the canoe .

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Julia said...

What a great present for the man who has everything. Seems like a great gift for the boys too - playing on it at home then getting to create some lovely memories wih Dad. Love your pics - especially the last one x

lilredsquirrel said...

You should enlarge that bottom picture - it is really beautiful. Or even put it on a card for Nana and Popeye. Just gorgeous.