Thursday, June 10, 2010


i had to stay at home today as Hugo has a tummy bug.
normally each morning we are up and organised and out the door just after 830 in order to get to school on time. if I'm not working, i go straight to the gym after school drop off, so i am never home in the mornings.....
today i was forced to stay home and what a difference.
there was no stress to be out the door by a certain time Hugo was in bed and arch was busy playing trains. i had tidied the house, cleaned the floors and after the 4 loads of washing due to vomiting and diarrhea i tackled the ironing basket.
its been a long time since i have seen the bottom of this basket, somehow i always get interrupted and never quite finish ironing whats in there... but not today. its all done and it feels good to walk into the laundry ad look at an empty basket ( pity about tomorrow !!!)
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