Saturday, June 26, 2010

house bound

its not often that we managed to be home all day with out having to go somewhere. But yesterday was one of those days. Hugo was home sick for the second day with tonsillitis so there was no where we needed to be. the boys were in their pyjamas all day. as you saw in my last post i finished my destroyed cowl. i then started to surf the Internet looking for a new project but i kept coming back to my first knitting project i started last year when we formed our knitting group. maybe it was my new found confidence in myself that i had just completed something so of course i can finish off my wrap..... any way i did. i sat down with you tube and sorted out what i didn't understand and as it aways is i had it finished in next to no time.
today i am watching this little button sick and miserable and i am on the hunt for a new project.

being housebound again i whipped up a bag for one of Hugo's friends. It was his party this morning (that's another post...)and we gave him as well as other things, some marbles. instead of gifting them in their shop bag i made this draw string bag for the marbles. quick, simple and the desired effect

the wrap cardigan that eluded me for sooo long and now its finished i don't know why.
so as much as i hate having sick kids and feel for them as they fight through their winter illness i am reveling in it as i am getting things done
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Julia said...

Wow! Look at you getting lots of unfinished projects done. What a milestone to have finished your original knitting project. Looks great. Love the colour. I guess the key to having sick kids is not to get sick yourself...I'll keep that in mind for next time. x

Anonymous said...

Wow, I don't believe it, it's the cardigan!! Well done, it looks fantastic :-)


lilredsquirrel said...

At least somehthing positive is coming from the dreaded lurgy. Wrap looks great!

Leah said...
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Leah said...

Loving that wrap cardi! What pattern is it?

two little buttons said...

its from here
designer knitting magazine winter 2008/9