Sunday, February 13, 2011

a dress

last year I was reading Victoria's blog and saw this post. i feel in love with the this dress, but filed it away in my favourites, and forgot about it. it wasn't until Victoria posted this post about her beautiful dress that i was inspired again. My friend at work was having her 30th birthday party and i decided that i would have a go seeing that i had a place to wear it.....
i rang the uber talented Nic, who assured me that it was easy and yes she would help me, so armed with material and my machine i headed off to knitting on Tuesday night.... in 2 hours we had whipped up the dress. On Thursday i went round to Nic's and hemmed it and i then spent the evening creating the ruffle.
i was so happy with the result and proudly wore it out on Saturday night. (I even received a compliment about it....)
so thank you to Victoria for the inspiration and to Nic for her wisdom. A great team effort !!!

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Victoria said...

Well done you, it looks gorgeous, or more to the point you do in it!