Thursday, February 3, 2011


i have procrastinated making sushi with the boys, thinking it would be too messy, too hard and just not the effort.
yesterday when i picked the boys up from Mum's after work ,they were full of stories about having watched Playschool and watching them make sushi. Can we make it? the excitement was too much, how could i say no.
so this afternoon after being out for most of the day we sat down and made it.
IT WAS EASY, quick and relatively painless.
it took a little while for Hugo to work out how to wrap the rolls without the mat getting tucked up, after the first one he got it. both boys had heaps of fun. and the best bit they ate heaps for dinner.
definitely an activity i will do again.

my recipe:
sushi rice, cook per instructions and adding sushi seasoning after it was cooked.
a selection of chicken, avocado, cucumber, carrot and rocket
Norri sheets
sushi mat

place mat on table, place Norri sheet on top, flatten rice out over 4/5 of the Norri sheet.
place ingredients in a row along rice, roll, refrigerate, cut and eat. !!
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