Tuesday, February 1, 2011

first day

first day of 4 year old Kinder for Arch today.
he was a little nervous i think but after a few puzzles with big brother we waved good bye.
when i picked him up, an hour later !! the teacher said he gave a few smiles and seemed to be settled.
i am a little worried i have made the right choices with Arch. I'm not sure he is ready, but i guess this first term will tell, and i am hoping that attending 3 times a week will help encourage his development as well as mixing with peers his own age may help him find a level playing field rather than being so competitive with Hugo and his friends. Arch seems so outwardly confident and sure of himself, but under this tough competitive exterior he is very sensitive and unsure, worried and nervous and i think that's why we see the "class clown" behaviour.
at this stage we will just get the ball rolling and see how we go, one day at a time and assess soon... why didn't i have these concerns at the end of last year??? maybe i did but i pushed them aside and now its his first day its all come to the surface!
anyway, he enjoyed the morning and now we are cooling down by the pool.
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Victoria said...

You know how I agonised last year over the right decision. Leila is now repeating 3 year old and although they're still on that very slow orientation phase, she looks so much bigger and older than the others. Some of them aren't even 3 year and she's 4! I don't know. She is more confident, happier to be there, but even so, I too will see!