Monday, January 31, 2011

its got me to thinking

Posted by Picasatime ticks away so quickly. already January is over, school holidays have almost finished. its the end of the long summer holidays and now school is due back bed times need to realign and the routine days start.
over the holidays Hugo and i read this book. there is a series of them and we will enjoy them together over the next few months.
its a story about a little boy of Greek heritage and his mum that buy a campervan and start to tour Australia, stopping along the way to find out all sorts of information and facts about lots of interesting places in Australia. the first one is Melbourne to Mildura.
Hugo loved the story and the fact that there was factual information and photos in the book, teaching about geography, local industry, history and culture within the book appealed to him
as we finished this story, Hugo asked if we could go to Mildura.
His question got me thinking that we should do more weekend trips, just us as a family to many different places around our state, Victoria.
there are so many towns and regions i would like to see. i started to list places and it was quite large.... Warrnambool, Wilson's prom, Otways, Mildura, Grampians etc..
and then i read this post and it really resonated with me...
time passes too quickly, Victoria is right what could be more important that spending time with the most important people. the chores can wait, family wont.
so here's to 2011 and lots of adventures.

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