Saturday, January 8, 2011


where did those 7 years go?
i feel like i have blinked and missed them.
Happy Birthday Hugo.
may you have a wonderful day and enjoy all that your 7th year will bring you.
my little man that absorbs all that is around you, holds it tight inside and lets a few privileged ones to see you for all that you are.
your beautiful smile, mischievous twinkling eyes, sense of adventure and fun.
may you learn to have faith in yourself, test those boundaries more, stand strong in your own abilities because you can do all that you want and more, laugh often, love lots and enjoy all that you do.
A Hugo day was had today; presents, poolside fun, a special table set with care outside, decorations and a small dinner with very special friends and our neighbours that are surrogate grandparentsPosted by Picasa

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