Thursday, January 6, 2011

10 years

10 years seems to have flown, but then when i look back we have done so much
:: travel
:: business
:: kids

10 years ago John and i were married. It was the best day of my life and if i could i would do it all over again exactly the way it was.
we had lots of fun and have so many wonderful memories of that day.
we had planned on something special for 10 years but circumstances at the moment haven't let our dreams unfold the way we wanted, but we had a lovely night celebrating in Melbourne.
the weather was warm and we had a great dinner. it was so nice just sitting together, spending time enjoying our food and watching the world go by.
happy anniversary bub.
i love you.
looking forward to many more 10 years.
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Julia said...

Happy Anniversary you two! 10 years is such a milestone...and just the beginning of the steep learning curve that is marriage. Enjoy wherever this ride takes you next.x